MEDIA RELEASE - November 2012

New awards for freycinet wines and new vineyard acquisition

The past week has been exciting one for Freycinet Vineyards with a number of awards being granted and several glowing endorsements received for our wines.

Freycinet Pinot Noir
Our Freycinet Pinot Noir was included in James Halliday’s Top 100 Wines for 2012 (Weekend Australian 17 November) and recognized with A Wine of Provenance Award in the 2013 Age and The Sydney Morning Herald Good Wine Guide. The annual Weekend Australian James Halliday Top 100 wine selection is a fiercely contested competition with approximately 1400 wines entered and only 100 chosen.

In awarding the 2010 Freycinet Pinot Noir 96 points James Halliday commented:
“Purple-crimson: a perfect demonstration of the value of fully matured 31-year-old vines; the fragrance of the bouquet has intensified since late 2011; multiple layers of fruit with a silky sweetness to the flavours; tannins are there, as is oak, but the integrity of the fruit makes all the difference to a superb Tasmanian pinot”.

The 2013 edition of The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald Good Wine Guide released this week, edited by Nick Stock, introduced a new set of special awards – Wine of Provenance Awards- intended to single out iconic wines that represent the very best of each state or territory. Freycinet Pinot Noir was included in this category:
“Each iconic wine sits at the top of an elite group, the vinous equivalents of a lifetime achievement award or hall of fame–style recognition... The new Wine of Provenance Awards recognise wines that embody absolute uniqueness, authenticity, consistency and, of course, superior quality. To be recognized here, these wines must have proven themselves age-worthy and demonstrated sustained excellence over time – in some cases decades… The great attributes of these wines – complex aromas, deep flavours, noble structure, captivating textures and the compelling ability to improve with age – are all underwritten by their provenance – the unique places they are from – hence the name of these awards.” Freycinet Pinot Noir… Tasmania is at the centre of keen interest and excitement in Australian wine. The prospect of this pristine, cool-climate island as a prime source of high-quality pinot noir is one that has the world of wine salivating. Under the gaze of Claudio Radenti, Freycinet has paved the way for pinot noir in Tasmania to achieve depth, complexity, consistency and age-worthy pedigree. Recent vintages demonstrate an in-built, layered complexity and assertive fruit presence, hallmarks of great pinot noir the world over. There are a great many pinot noir wines on offer. The best, such as Freycinet, are those that will blossom and improve exponentially over many years.”

Radenti Sparkling
We were thrilled to receive 3 awards for the 2001 Radenti Sparkling at this week’s 2012 Royal Hobart Wine Show:
- Best Sparkling in Show
- Best Tasmanian Wine
- Best Wine of the Show from over 2300 entries

We were equally delighted to have the 2001 Radenti Sparkling included in James Halliday’s 2012 Top 100 Wines, awarded 96 points, with the comment:
“A 60-40% estate-grown blend of chardonnay and pinot noir, fermented in this bottle, and given more than 8 years on yeast lees in true Radenti style. A trademark blend of texture and richness, with spicy and creamy fruit mid-palate before a finely balanced, almost juicy, finish. A perennial favourite.”

Commenting on these Radenti Sparkling awards, Freycinet winemaker Claudio Radenti said:

“This was an achievement beyond our wildest dreams and of which we are very proud. It acknowledges the fact that Tasmania has enormous potential to produce the Nation’s best Sparkling wines. Tasmania is rapidly becoming known as the “Sparkling State”. The key feature enabling this quality potential in sparkling wine is our genuinely cool Tasmanian climate. This allows us to produce beautifully fine, delicate base wines with plenty of natural acidity and piercing flavours. The warmer regions around the country do not achieve this highly sought after elegance in the base wines. The second vital factor for great Sparkling wine is the all important maturation period on yeast lees in the bottle - the longer the better. The 2001 Freycinet Radenti was matured for just over 10 years on lees. The benefit of this maturation time reveals itself in the amazing complexity, creamy textures and persistence of aftertaste. The flavour refuses to go away!”

New Vineyard Acquisition
We were recently successful in acquiring a portion of the neighbouring Coombend property from Brown Brothers.
This new acquisition (42 hectares) borders onto our existing Vineyard and extends through to the Tasman Highway from our original property.
Inclusive in the purchase is a 5.75 hectare mature vineyard and a 4.2 hectare olive grove and the original Coombend Tasting Room.
This brings our total vineyard site to 14.75 hectares.
We are absolutely delighted with this purchase as it gives us highway frontage onto the busy Tasman Highway, and provides scope for future generations of the family to expand, should they wish to do so.
We look forward to offering hopefully stunning Freycinet Sauvignon Blanc (and Freycinet Olive Oil) in the near future!
The extended property, as shown from the Tasman Highway.

New Vineyard

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