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East Coast Tasmania

The east coast of Tasmania offers visitors the opportunity to slow down and enjoy some of life’s true luxuries – spectacular natural beauty, delicious food and fine wine. You can revel in the varied activities on offer or relax in tranquil stillness – it's up to you!

With beautiful views around every corner, you can explore quiet beaches, walk through forests, savour fresh oysters and crayfish and taste some of Australia's best wines at our welcoming cellar doors. It's a place where you can connect with nature, enjoy amazing flavours, and unwind in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Over 180 years ago, Tasmania's east coast witnessed its first wine grape plantings by early settler William 'Dollar' Steel in Falmouth. Despite Steel's tragic passing, his son nurtured the vineyard, which thrived a couple of decades later. Around 1880, farmers in Swansea entered the wine scene, crafting wine and selling it in Hobart Town.

A noteworthy experiment took place on Maria Island when silk merchant Angelo Bernacchi established a large vineyard in Darlington by 1886, boasting over 50,000 vines across 40 acres. Despite his grand ambitions, poor site selection and low yields led to the venture's failure, prompting Bernacchi's return to England and the abandonment of the vineyard.

Tasmania's modern wine industry emerged from two key vineyards: La Provence in the Tamar Valley established in 1956, and Moorilla just outside Hobart founded in 1958. Influenced by pioneers like Claudio Alcorso, Andrew Pirie, and Graham Wiltshire, Geoff and Susan Bull acquired land near Bicheno in 1978, and by 1979 had planted their first vines, founding the first commercial vineyard and winery on the East Coast – Freycinet Vineyard. 

Today, the east coast of Tasmania stands as a testament to these early trailblazers, boasting a thriving wine industry with over 20 producers and more than 300 hectares under vine, continuing to uphold a reputation for producing quality wines.


Our backyard is a truly magnificent haven with many experiences waiting to be discovered. 

VIEWS Just a stone's throw away lies the iconic Wineglass Bay, framed by the majestic backdrop of The Hazards, a captivating sight that graces our wine labels. While they're among Tasmania's most photographed panoramas, nothing quite captures their essence like witnessing them first hand. The Great Eastern Drive meanders along our extraordinary coastline, offering sweeping vistas of glistening beaches and tranquil islands, including the beloved Bay of Fires, Schouten Island, and the enchanting Furneaux Islands.

WILDLIFE The tapestry of our landscape is woven with a diverse range of inhabitants: wombats, wallabies, penguins, and the elusive Tassie devils, complemented by a symphony of captivating birdlife and the mesmerizing underwater worlds. This is a realm of unique opportunities—diving, fishing, beachcombing, and untamed wilderness—ready to be explored.

WALKS From leisurely strolls through Freycinet National Park, requiring less than an hour, to immersive multi-day hikes, our region offers an array of trails to choose from. Don't miss the enchanting waterfalls like St Columba Falls, Halls Falls, and Lost Falls, each a testament to nature's grandeur.

SEAFOOD Our coastal bounty is unrivaled, with some of the nation's finest oysters plucked straight from the pristine waters of Great Oyster Bay. Our friends at Freycinet Marine Farm offer a delectable array of oysters, abalone, scallops, mussels, and fish. For a true coastal indulgence, enjoy a crayfish roll or fresh fish and chips, all the while delighting in the sight of cray boats returning to the harbour at the Gulch in Bicheno.

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