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Radenti Sparkling

Already renowned for its Pinot Noir, Freycinet Vineyard commenced sparkling wine production in 1993. Founders Geoff and Susan Bull, both lovers of champagne, foresaw Tasmania’s exceptional potential for producing top-tier sparkling wines and encouraged their winemaker daughter Lindy and her partner Claudio Radenti to try their hand at crafting a Tasmanian expression of the style.

After an early legal dispute with the Spanish wine producer Freixenet, Claudio’s family name was selected for the project, providing a link to the future expansion of the family business.

Commencing with just one ton each of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes and the goal of producing world class sparkling wine in mind, they meticulously followed the traditional method, emulating the great Champagne houses. 

Following the success of their initial vintage, in 1995 the Radenti Sparkling vineyard was established on a cooler part of the estate, positioned 5 kilometres west of the main Freycinet vineyards. This strategic location ensures that the base wines acquire an added layer of delicacy, finesse and elegance - qualities synonymous with exceptional sparkling wines. 

Radenti proudly stands as one of select few grower-producer sparkling wines produced in Australia, with its fruit entirely sourced from a single vineyard dedicated to the production of traditional method sparkling wine. 

Now in its 30th year of production, Radenti sparklings have a well-established reputation for excellence, having won many accolades from wine shows and critics alike. Radenti sparklings have played a role in many proposals, marriages, celebrations and special occasions, as well as bringing joy to the everyday lives of their many adoring fans.  

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming release of two new Radenti Sparkling cuvees: Radenti Grand Vintage Sparkling 2016 and Radenti Vintage Sparkling Rosé 2017. We are offering the opportunity to pre-order these wines, both of which have already garnered considerable accolades at major wine shows. Anticipated release date is February 2024.

Our current release sparkling, Radenti R3 is available for immediate delivery, with limited stock remaining.

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