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Freycinet Vineyard

2023 Freycinet Vineyard Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

2023 Freycinet Vineyard Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Brimming with spicy, piquant flavours, not to mention healthy antioxidants, our 2023 Freycinet Extra Virgin Olive Oil is of exceptional quality, and is, as always, available in very limited quantities. The olive tree is nature’s ancient source of health and wellness. There are so many health benefits from consuming extra virgin olive oil that one would be crazy not to use it!

Our cool east coast climate allows our olives to ripen slowly to perfection, producing an elegant oil with remarkable intensity of delicious olive flavour in combination with excellent polyphenol levels giving that much sought-after pepperiness on the back palate. Local chefs have discovered the secret of our olive oil which graces plates at acclaimed resorts Saffire and Freycinet Lodge.

We love using our extra virgin olive oil on just about everything. One of life’s great pleasures comes from enjoying good bread dipped in premium extra virgin olive oil, along with a glass of excellent Tasmanian wine! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Also available in 4L and 750ml pack sizes.

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