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Freycinet Vineyard

2021 Freycinet Vineyard Botrytis 500ml

2021 Freycinet Vineyard Botrytis 500ml

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This gloriously sweet, decadent, and luscious wine is virtually impossible not to like as evidenced by almost every visitor to our cellar door being powerless to its charms!

Historically we have only produced 4 of these dessert wines and they have all come from the wetter vintages where the Botrytis fungus developed, infecting the berries and concentrating the natural grape sugars by dehydrating them. Such wines challenge the skills and patience of even the most experienced winemakers but the end result is worth it.

The 2021 vintage provided ideal conditions for producing this very special botrytis dessert style wine. Select parcels of botrytised Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Riesling grapes were fermented naturally and combined with Schönburger to produce this gloriously sweet, luscious, and smooth wine. Featuring delicious citrus, apricot, tropical fruit and passionfruit flavours, it is the perfect accompaniment to all your favourite desserts.

Botrytis dessert wines are affectionately nicknamed ‘stickies’ in Australia. Label artwork by renowned Tasmanian artist Tom Samek appropriately depicts this wine style.

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